The Gambia National Development Plan

Delivering good governance and accountability, social cohesion, and national reconciliation and a revitalized and transformed economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians.


Know and take ownership of your National Development Plan

Where are we coming from?

The Gambia is at the cusp of a historic transition brought on by a ground breaking development on 2nd December 2016, when the Gambian people…

What is our Vision and Goal?

The government’s goal is to “deliver good governance and accountability, social cohesion, and national reconciliation…

What are our priorities?

The vision and overall goal of the National Development Plan will be realized through eight strategic priorities…

How will the Plan be implemented?

Government will put in place robust mechanisms to ensure that the plan is fully and effectively implemented. The main elements for this are…

How do we know we are making progress?

Measuring progress is a critical element in the quest to ensure accountability for delivery. The National Development Plan foresees the following…

What does the plan cost?

To ensure full realization of the National Development Plan, Government has formulated a financing strategy, which is presented in…

Foreword by His Excellency Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of The Gambia

I call upon all Gambians to make this NDP their plan, to seriously interrogate themselves on how best they might contribute to its realization and most importantly to hold us to account when we fall short, in a constructive and positive spirit of nation-building. I am convinced that the courage and determination shown by Gambians in defeating tyranny and oppression can be successfully harnessed to also help us overcome our challenges and ensure that together we fully realize the vision and goal of this National Development Plan.

Our Sponsors

Although the National Development Plan was developed by the government of The Gambia, the implementation and management of the plan should involve the entire nation. As a result, the NDP planning is encouraging private sector organizations and capable individuals to sponsor initiatives and contribute towards our nations development. 

    The government’s goal is to “deliver good governance, accountability, social cohesion, national reconciliation, a revitalized and transformed economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians”.

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